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Bag Tags for 2022 Just Got Interesting!

Pittsburgh Flying Disc (PFD) has offered Bag Tags in the past, but this year, PFD Grassroots Director Gerald Haynes is taking it up a notch!

In case you didn't know, PFD Bag Tags are offered every year and offer you a wide variety of perks! For 2022, all disc golfers that purchase a Bag Tag for a price of $30.00 will receive a custom disc storage box with the PFD logo from, $3.00 off all 2022 PFD-sanctioned C-tiers (like The Hunt at Deer Lakes in October) and $5.00 off all 2022 PFD-sanctioned B-tiers (like The 2022 Amateur Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open - Driven by INNOVA in June).

In case those benefits weren't enough, Bag Tag holders receive free entry to the 2022 Player Party and $5.00 off their PDGA membership (with PFD affiliate code). To top it off, if you purchase a Bag Tag for 2022, you receive one early registration to any PFD B- or C-tier event - no more stressing, setting an alarm, and frantically entering in your PayPal information!

For 2022, PFD's Grassroots Director, Gerald Haynes, is looking to host some PFD Bag Tag-exclusive events in the coming months! "I want to start incorporating Bag Tag Practice Rounds into some of our upcoming tournaments," said Gerald. "I like to get in a practice round before an event to familiarize myself with the course layout, and what better way to get more people involved than to organize some casual Bag Tag rounds in the process?"

Every PFD Bag Tag has a number, and when you play against other people with a Bag Tag, whoever has the lowest score on the card takes the bag tag with the lowest number. It is a fun and friendly way into stoke some extra competition into a friendly round. Gerald already scheduled one officially-sanctioned PFD Bag Tag round, which was held at Schenley Park with prizes provided by Chains or Dye Disc Golf. Future Bag Tag events may or may not have prizes or themes associated with them.

"I love good competition, and using Bag Tags to add a bit of pressure in an otherwise casual

environment is a fun challenge," added Gerald.

Bag Tag holders are free to schedule their own, unofficial PFD Bag Tag challenges through the Pittsburgh Disc Golf Community Facebook group - just be sure that when you show up to put your tag on the line that you actually bring it with you!

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