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Monroeville DGC at
Monroeville Park

Monroeville Park DGC lines the perimeter of a soccer and baseball/softball field in the older (eastern) portion of Monroeville Park. This course varies from open to moderately wooded in many areas. Intermediate and novice tees are marked by wooden planks in the ground, some holes only have one tee.

UPDATE!!! (March 2021)
Monroeville is currently undergoing a redesign. The course will also be expanded to 18 holes. We will try to keep some form of playable layout throughout the process, but be patient as we transition and things may not always be clearly marked.

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Course Information

Tees: Red - Natural (Rating TBD) and White - Natural (Rating TBD)


Par: TBD

Baskets: TBD

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Course Promoters

Don Glaser

Dustin Schrock

Matt Kennedy

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Course Records


White Tees: 49 - Mark Prestopnik

Phillips Monday League, 4/9/12

Red Tees: TBD


White Tees: TBD


Red Tees: TBD

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