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Welcome to the new PFD Website!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

As you may or may not have known, the old PFD website had been active for quite some time and featured an interface that may or may not have been a bit outdated...

The Old PFD Website

Seeing this, the PFD decided to spend some time working on a new and improved website, which you are one of the first to interact with!

The New PFD Website

The new website features all the content on the old website, with some new helpful links and sections that can help you better connect with the PFD Community. Among them include the PFD Newsletter, which you are now reading! We will post here periodically to recap tournaments, make announcements, and more! You can subscribe at the bottom of the "Newsletter" page to be notified by email when new entries are posted. The new website also features links to helpful resources outside of PFD, like DiscGolfScene, Facebook groups, and more.

While browsing the new site, please keep on the lookout for things that may need to be changed or fixed - it will need constant updating! If you find anything that needs updating, please contact Eden Gonano, PFD Communications Director, at

Happy Browsing!

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