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2021 PFD Board of Directors Opportunity

Dear Pittsburgh Disc Golf Community,

PFD is excited to announce the opportunity to be part of PFD Board of Directors in 2021 and the future!

It is so important to have future participants as existing board members move on, else the number of events and new courses, as well as the quality of our events and courses could decline.  Please consider yourself as a board member :)

We have PFD Course Promoter openings at Moraine, Deer Lakes & Slippery Rock University.

As per the Course Promoter job description, PFD will reimburse you up to $100 for a PDGA membership and Officials exam for satisfactory completion of course promoter responsibilities. If you haven’t yet renewed your PDGA membership, now is a good time to do so because it will make you current for the rest of 2020 as well as 2021. 

If you are interested in learning more about being involved, please email PittsburghFlyingDisc@gmail.com & Read more at https://www.pfds.org/pfd-position-descriptions

Since 2015, PFD has made some great accomplishments, and really is the place for energetic and passionate disc golfers to shape the future of Pittsburgh disc golf. 

  • Incorporated as a 501c(3) and enabled substantial donations to accelerate growth in the region and create working capital.

  • Hosted 2015 PDGA World Championship, Hosted PFDO event for 30+ years on multiple tiers including NT in 2017. Host Sunday and Monday Yearly PDGA Leagues, Tuesday Double, Wednesday handicaps and others. We host multiple yearly PDGA sanctioned events including Shamrock, Ironwood, The Hunt, Knobulus with plans for many more!      

  • Created a partnership with Cranberry Township for their 2018 Project of the Year Disc Golf Course and Nature Trail at North Boundary Park.

  • Maintained and enhanced 9 Pittsburgh area disc golf courses, including the four competition venues of the 2015 PDGA Pro Worlds: Knob Hill, Moraine Lakeview, Deer Lakes, and Slippery Rock Disc Golf Courses.


Please join us and thanking current and past board members who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to enable the great disc golf our region has today:

Current Pittsburgh Flying Disc Board:   Lori Merriman (acting Chair, Vice Chair), Dan Horwat (Secretary), Andy Flemm (Treasurer), Eden Gonano (Communications), Matt Rosier (Events), Brent Mayes (Development), J. Gary Dropcho (Superintendent)

Past:  PFD Chairman, PFDS President:   Adam Woodward, Pat Graziani, Rex Nordheimer, Dave Olcott, Bryan Wright

PFD Vice Chair, PFDS Membership:  Chris Lachendro, Mark Prestopnik, Kurt Poole, Mike Hoeg, Carl Vesch

PFD Treasurer, PFDS Treasurer:  Adam Woodward, Nate Pucci, Dave Kuhrt, Steve Kohman

PFD Communications, PFDS Communication:  Cody Winget, Greg Meitus, Chris Deitzel, Sid Olcott

PFDS Secretary:   Scott Heintzelman, Scott McIntyre, Keith Clark

PFD Grassroots:  Scott Bates

PFDS Promotion:  Jeremiah Libby, Curtis Spence, Paul Harkins, Leo Liller

THANK YOU & Please consider yourself as a future director of this world class organization!


Dearest disc golf community,

We want to inform everyone that Schenley Park is now OPEN to play. The baskets have been reinstalled by city parks.

We want to thank the course promoters for their efforts in getting the baskets back in!

At this time all of the disc golf courses we steward are OPEN to the public!

When returning to the disc golf course we encourage you to follow social distancing guidelines set forth by the State of Pennsylvania!


Although event sanctioning has not been reinstated by the PDGA we also encourage that you use the best practices for contactless play.


Moraine State Park (Lakeview DGC)
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course
Schenley Park
Philips Park
Slippery Rock University DGC
North Boundary Park DGC

Linbrook DGC (Playable at own risk)

****Knob Hill Park****

By order of Marshall Township, you MUST book a tee time (free/$0) online to play the Knob Hill Disc Golf Course.
Only book the time you will tee off, not the entire round.  No groups larger than foursomes.


Please follow these instructions to create social distance in this time of COVID-19 and limit the number of people playing the course at any one time.

PFD wants all to be able to enjoy the beauty of Knob Hill, and we do not want the baskets to be pulled again if crowds ignore these directions.

Be safe on the course!

Moraine Disc Return Box!

Our first disc return box is officially in place at Moraine.
The Pittsburgh Flying Disc course promoters will have keys to the box and be working to return all discs found.

Big thanks to Brent Mayes efforts in making this finally happen. Hopefully all PFD courses will have ones too.

Lost disc? Complete this form https://forms.gle/C9AxMJuq9cnCiG4n7


2021 Tournaments:

More Information Soon

2020 Leagues:

2020 Pittsburgh Flying Disc Bag Tags

October '19 - October '20 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Welcome to 2020 PFD Bag Tags!

This will be an official leader board to roughly keep track of who has what tag.

Remember, bag tags are only fun if you actually play. Keeping a tag for the whole year ruins it for everyone, so get out and throw!

If you take a tag, or own a tag that is not on the leader board, please update the board or contact either Chris Lachendro or Dustin Schrock. 

To get a bag tag, contact Lori Merriman or come to a PFD event.

Benefits include:
End of the year tournament, 
End of the year party,
Disc for joining, 
and your bag tag!

If you would like a bag tag and become a PFDS Bagtag Player, contact Lori Merriman

Benefits include an end of the year tournament, end of the year party, disc for joining, and your bag tag! 

Remember, bag tags are only fun if you actually play. Keeping a tag for the whole year ruins it for everyone, so get out and throw!


2020 Sunday Devotional

March 31, 2020 - November 2020 • Warrendale, Pennsylvania
Singles league

Points Series League

The Sunday Devotional is a PFD local league which includes PDGA rated rounds. This league is a point series league where players will accumulate points over the regular season and will compete in the playoffs at the end of the season. The season will run from March - November

The leagues home course is Knob Hill Community Park in Warrendale PA. Every 4th or 5th round, the league will travel to an alternative course for play. The location of each weeks round will be posted on the schedule. Upon request from the PFD, the leagues playing location for a given week may be adjusted to accommodate specific PFD activities. The schedule that is posted is current but is subject to be adjusted. Although not expected, please look for any updates that may be posted
Start time is 10:00 am so please arrive by 9:45 for registration. We reserve the right to adjust the start time to accommodate the PFD, players, and the league commissioner when required. Please check the Pittsburgh Sunday Devotional league website to confirm location and time.
Entry Fees:
Each player wishing to participate in the Sunday Devotional must pay an entry fee.
Entry Fee: $4
PFD Fee: $1
PDGA Fee: $1
Total Entry Fee = $6
Optional Ace Pot = $1
From the Entry Fee, $1 from each player each week played will be set aside for the overall point series payouts at year end.
Players can decide to play in different divisions on a week by week basis, but points earned will remain in each division played.
Tee Assignments:
Unfortunately due to PDGA guidelines all divisions must play the same tees in a given week to be sanctioned. We will make this as accommodating as possible for all divisions. Please refer to the news section for an overview of tee assignments for each given week.
Players will compete in the division of their choice and will accumulate 1 point for each week played, and 1 point for each player they beat or tie within their division (points won in each division are counted separately). Each player's top 20 rounds played will earn you points towards your division. Anyone with at least 10 weeks played will earn a 50 point bonus. At least 15 rounds played 75 point bonus. 20 or more rounds played 100 point bonus. The person who plays the most rounds will earn the title of "2020 Devotee" and earn a 150 point bonus for the playoffs. Double Points weeks will occur once every 3 weeks and during travel rounds to encourage a higher turnout. During these weeks players accumulate 2 points for each week played and 2 points for each player they beat or tie within their division
Weekly Payouts:
Weekly Payouts will follow PDGA standard payout tables. All divisons will be paid out cash. $1 from each round will be kept for year end points series winnings.
The ace pot is capped at $200. Once the ace pot exceeds $200, a separate reserve ace pot is created.
The league will run a total of (27) Sunday's with the final week being playoff's. The final playoff will be 2 rounds. The format and point systems for the playoffs are currently to be determined.

Division suggested PDGA ratings for this league:
Open 925+
Advanced 850-925
Intermediate 850 & below
If you're on the fringe I recommend playing up.

Questions? Contact Eden Gonano ezemp52@gmail.com

Deer Lakes Monday PDGA League

April 2020

PDGA Sanctioned League at Deer Lakes Park on Monday evenings.

$7 entry fee with $6 going to payout and $1 going to league fees. Pay tables for Pro and Amateur divisions is posted in the pictures section. Divisions offered will be Open, Advanced, Intermediate, and Advanced Women. If 4 or more people are interested in a division, additional divisions may be offered. Everyone will be paid out in cash.

Optional $1 CTP, $1 Ace/Albatross Pot, $1 Birdie Pot. Entry plus all optional buyins is a total of $10. Only those who have payed into the optional pots for the given week will be eligible for payout. CTP hole will be determined before round and posted online. Ace/Albatross pot payout will be paid out as a percentage of the pot based on the tees we are playing: 40% for red tees, 60% for white tees, and 80% for blue tees with a minimum of $30. Ace/Albatross pot will carry over year to year.

Birdie pot payout will be 60% of the birdie pot pool worth a minimum of $30. Birdie pot will carry over year to year. Birdie holes will be determined before round and posted online. To win birdie pot Pros must birdie (or better) 9/6/3 predetermined holes from red/white/blue tees. Advanced must birdie (or better) 6/4/2 predetermined holes from red/white/blue tees. Intermediate must birdie (or better) 4/3/2 predetermined holes from red/white/blue tees.

This is a PDGA sanctioned league. All PDGA rules will be enforced. No gimmies. No flipping discs. All OB are posted in the picture section.

Points will be accrued throughout the year; however, I do not plan on having a payout. This is simply for bragging right and maybe a small trophy. Points will be awarded as shown in the pictures section. Your total points will be based off of your 10 highest points of the 20 week series.

Any questions, please contact Matt Rosier

Schenley Park Wednesday Night Disc Golf League 2020

April 2020


Schenley Park Wednesday Night Disc Golf League is a singles, handicap format league open to disc golfers of all skill levels. The league meets weekly from May thru September 2020, with the league final in early October.

Check-in takes place from 5:00 to 5:45 PM near the practice basket. Players may assemble their own groups and tee off when ready or wait to be assigned a group by the league organizer. The last group will go out no later than 5:45 PM. All players must check in through uDisc and pay through Venmo or with cash no later than to 5:45 PM. Players paying through Venmo and checking in electronically may skip the check in line and start their round.

Early start is from 3:00 to 3:45 PM. League organizers won't be present at this time, so early players must assemble their own groups (3-4 players required per group) and tee off by 3:45. Please check in with the league organizer at the end of your round.

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/108175609202886 

2020 Knob Hill Tuesday Doubles

April 2020


Moraine Weekly Double 2020

April 2020



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