Are you interested in volunteering with the club?

The disc golf season is just about to begin and we are always short of volunteers for our organization.


Do you think you would be able to serve a purpose for the disc golf community?

There are many levels of volunteering that you could participate in.

Are you interested in helping with work on the courses?

Are you interested in helping run an event or running an event yourself?

Are you interested in teaching others about disc golf?

Are you interested in having a greater role in the Pittsburgh disc golf community?

We offer many ways for you to you to participate in helping us grow the sport at the local level!

You've come to the right spot to find out more information on how to serve a bigger purpose in the sport you fell in love with.

Whether you just want to come help spot discs during a tournament or are looking for a larger more impactful role in the community we have use for you!

Please contact the PFD to find out more!


PFD Volunteer Liability Waiver Form

Trello Course Volunteer Work Page