PFD Putting League

About this League:

Hosted weekly at the Rivertowne Brewing Company in Export, PA. Every Sunday Starting November 4th 2018. Between 1:30 and 2:15 pm players will register with me in the brew pub. Rounds will start promptly at 2:30 pm. We will be using Dynamic Discs Marksman baskets and one Gateway Bullseye basket.

$7.00 player fee each session

Entry fee is $7 
$5 will be going to payout
$1 will be put into a pot to be paid out to the 6 players from each division with the most points.
$1 will go to a fund for the Amateur Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open

Singles format with 6 different putting stations. 4 putts at each station and you'll play each station 3 times. If you have 4 putters I suggest bringing them.

25 foot station = 2 points per putt
28 foot station = 2 points per putt
32 foot station = 3 points per putt
40 foot station = 4 points per putt
Knee putt = 3 points per putt
Elevated basket = 4 points per putt

After all rounds are completed the top 4 players will play one more round to decide that weeks winner. 

Payout will depend on turnout. At least the top two players will be paid out every week.

Rivertowne has all the beer you will possibly need and a simple food menu of pizza and panini's. Be sure to support the brew pub by purchasing a few brews! If we support them I've been told they will add some swag to the weekly payout for the winners. 

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