Slippery Rock University DGC

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Course Overview:


The course features many wide open holes around Slippery Rock University's campus and athletic fields. Par 66 layout has green (novice), white (intermediate) and gold (pro) level tees and 3 pin locations per hole. Water hazards, many OB areas, and tall meadow grass frame these links-style fairways and greens.

OB: In ponds, creeks, cattail wetlands; on/over paved walkways, roads, parking lots; inside fenced soccer, football, hockey, softball fields; on intramural & rugby fields. 

Three 6-hole loops start and end near the parking lot between the football stadium and Residence Hall F. Tee signs show the way to the next hole, and directional signs point out the longer walks between Holes 2-3, 6-7, 12-13, 16-17, and 17-18. Water and restrooms are available at the Abersole Recreation Center Building near holes 3-4, and are also available on at the Intramural field complex near the tees for hole 14. 

Disc Golf Course Policies:
• Players participate at their own risk and are responsible for harm to person or property
• Course is open to the public
• Course is open during daylight hours only
• Public parking available at East Lake Lot adjacent to Critchfield Baseball Stadium; or at the Rec Sports Complex at the corner of Branchton and Harmony Roads
• Parking passes are required Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5pm. Free one day temporary passes are available from the Parking Office located in the Student Union. Parking office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm. Weekend parking does not require a permit. Parking passes are non-transferable
• Parking violation: $50 fine
• Non-Players, spectators, and vehicles have the right of way
• Altering the course landscape in any manner is strictly prohibited
• Course may be closed during unsuitable conditions
• Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited
• All pets must be leashed, clean up after your pet
• Do not climb fences to retrieve out of bounds discs, use gates
• Courtesy rules- ensure throwing path is free and clear, warn persons of errant throws by yelling “Fore”
• Report suspicious activity and all Emergencies 724-738-3333 (Campus Police)

Course Records:



Gold Tees --  51 - Will Schusterick -- 2015 PDGA World Championships


White Tees -- 


Green Tees -- 




Gold Tees -- 


White Tees -- 


Green Tees -- 

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