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17th annual Scholastic Disc Golf Series 2013 

Pittsburgh area middle school and high school girls and boys who play disc golf can help their school win an Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) package of disc golf equipment for their school at the 2013 Scholastic Disc Golf Series. 


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The series begins at the world-class course at Deer Lakes Park on September 15 and includes events at Schenley Park, Knob Hill Park, Brighton Township, and finishing at Moraine State Park on October 19.  Scholastic disc golfers will get to play on some of the same courses to be used by professional players in the 2015 Pro Disc Golf World Championships


Events include clinics and instruction by professional players, as well as lunch provided.  All series players get a micro-fiber disc golf jersey and a new golf disc at each tournament entered.  Prizes and awards given at each of the five events.  

Individual series awards, such as the Scholastic Disc Golfer of the Year and Rookie of the Year, will be calculated using each person's best three event finishes. Both girl and boy players’ points from all schools in the same school district will be used to calculate team standings to determine the winner of the Pipe and Chains trophy. 

Sponsorship of the series by EDGE means the school district that wins the team title will also win three portable disc golf baskets, 30 golf discs, as well as a curriculum and video for use in physical education classes. 

Preregistration for the entire series includes a discounted entry fee of $50; individual event registrations can be done on-site for $12. 

Innova, Discraft, the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society, and Grip It and Rip It are once again sponsoring these events for girls and boys ages 9-18. 

More information at www.pfds.org and at the PFDS Facebook page. Contact series director J. Gary Dropcho at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Print out the series flyer and registration form, put these dates on your calendar, round up your school mates for a team, and keep practicing! 




DIVISIONS:  HS Boys (grades 9-12), HS Girls (grades 9-12), MS Boys (grades 1-8), MS Girls (grades 1-8)                                           

BASE POINTS: The winner of a division earns a base of 100 points.

Base points for lower places are subtracted from 100 in intervals. 

The interval for 2nd and 3rd place is 5; base points for 2nd is 100-5 = 95 and 3rd is 100-10(5+5) = 90. 

The interval for 4th - 8th place is 4; base points for 4th is 100-14(5+5+4) = 86. 

The interval for 9th - 14th place is 3. 

The interval for 15th - 25th place is 2. 

The interval for 26th place and lower is 1.


TOTAL POINTS: A player's total = her base points + 1 point for each of the players s/he finished ahead of or tied and a point for herself. 

For example, the player with the lowest cumulative score in a division of 20 player gets 120 points (100 + 20); 4th gets 103 (86+17),

20th gets 41 (40+1).

Players with tied scores receive the same number of points.  The players below the tie receive the points for the place 2 (or more)

spots below the tied place. 

Players who do not finish the tournament will earn only 1 point for themselves. 


TEAM RESULTS:  Total points earned by all players from the same school district (HS Boys, HS Girls, MS Boys, MS Girls) are added together from all the events in the series. 


INDIVIDUAL RESULTS:  Three (3) events are needed to qualify for Individual Series Awards.  Players who have more than three events can use their best three results.  The first tie-breaker will be the fourth event finish.  Second tie-breaker will be the fifth event finish.  Third tie-breaker will be total stroke difference in head to head competition over the entire series.


Week 1 Deer Lakes


The Pittsburgh Scholastic Series is underway for 2013 with the first event at Deer Lakes in the books.  Isaac Meeder and Jason Huber battled all round and shot 77 and 79 respectively.
Thanks to Scott McIntyre for providing lunch, PFDS and Grip It and Rip It for supplying the player packs and  prizes.
The second event will be played during the first round of the Schenley League Final on Sunday September 22.  Players meeting at 9 am at the Camp David Lawrence Pavilion near hole 7.
Remember to buy a raffle ticket to win a Keen Merchandise Voucher, a $25 Disc Nation gift certificate and a Innova Champion Air Force Sidewinder. Proceeds will help to pay for an EDGE School Curriculum, 3 Traveler Baskets and 30 golf discs to the school district that wins this year's Scholastic Series team trophy.
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